Privacy policy

You are welcome to use the PAB BLAST Platform (hereinafter referred to as Party A) and the members of the PAB Marketing Inc. (hereinafter referred to as Party B).
The following instructions are how we collect, use, disclose, transfer and store your information when you use our platform. Any questions or comments are welcome to provide us with reference, which will help us to make products, services, content, and advertising better.

   User privacy protection instructions
PAB BLAST Party A will protect Party B's privacy rights in accordance with the law. Party A's personal data registered or retained by Party B will only be used for internal filing and within the scope of services provided by Party A for publicity marketing and notification. Party A has strengthened relevant protection measures, but also solemnly reminds PAB Marketing Inc. Party B: Do not publicly disclose Party B's personal information on the Internet, as it may be collected and used by others, especially in public speaking on the Internet, such as chatting. Room, message board, should also avoid publishing personal information such as personal identity, password or email.

  Personal data collection and use
When PAB Marketing Inc. Party B joins a member, subscribes to a newsletter, or participates in other activities, Party A requires Party B to log in to the personal data in order to complete the transaction and related member services.
When Party B registers with the PAB BLAST Service Platform, we will ask Party B for name, email, date of birth, phone number, address, etc. After Party B has registered the PAB BLAST account and logged in to Party A and the service, we can identify Party B's identity, allow Party B to use a more complete service, or participate in related promotions, offers and prizes.

  The personal data we collect will be used to inform PAB Marketing Inc. Party B about the latest product announcements, software updates, and upcoming events on the PAB BLAST Operations Platform, and may also be used to help improve our services. The personal data obtained by Party A and its related websites are only for the purpose and scope of use within Party A according to the original instructions. For example: auditing, data analysis, research, etc., to improve product, service and customer communication.

  User profile
In order to protect the rights and interests of all members, PAB Marketing Inc. Party B can set a set of emails and passwords for themselves during the registration process. Through this account, PAB Marketing Inc. Party B can use the related member services according to the platform/website description. Please keep the member account and password of PAB Marketing Inc. Party B in good condition. Do not provide the above information to anyone. After using it, please log out of Party B's account. If Party B shares a computer with another person or uses a public computer, please remember to close Party B's browser to prevent others from seeing the above information or obtaining a way to enter Party B's account.

   Collection and use of browsing materials
PAB BLAST Party A will automatically record PAB Marketing Inc. Party B's browsing activities and other related information in the platform, but this information is only used as a traffic analysis and network behaviour survey to improve the service quality of the platform and website.
Party A will not provide Party B's personal data to third parties or for other purposes unless otherwise stated or provided by law.

   Revision of the Privacy Policy
PAB BLAST Party A reserves the right to change the contents of this statement. We will not separately notify the members of the changes in the platform/website announcement. PAB BLAST Party A will amend and change the Privacy Policy from time to time, and the privacy policy will be published on this platform/webpage. If PAB Marketing Inc. Party B has any questions about Party A's privacy protection policy, please contact Party A directly.